Thursday, September 3, 2009

A WTF kind of moment

everyone has WTF moments. I know I certainly do. Moments that defy explanation and WTF is really all you can say.

Here is one told to me by my friend Stephanie.

She was out behind her store having a cigarette and she sees a man walking up between the buildings. He's super friendly and has a beard that she thought was kind of cool. She notices that he is wearing headphones and carrying a weed whacker. He strolls up to a few feet from her, still smiling and then starts up the weed whacker and starts to weed eat the devoid of any plant material gravel parking lot. She looks at him for a second as he's weed eating the invisible grass and then says to herself "Oh Hell, this is NOT how my life ends." and goes inside.

Once inside she tells her partner David about the man. His response? "Oh yeah, he's been having problems getting that weed eater started all day." David then goes outside to have a conversation and watch the man cut down the GRASS THAT DOESN'T EXIST. Now there are two men outside who think it's totally normal to weed whack gravel. I don't know, maybe David sees the grass too.

Stephanie who is lacks the magic grass seeing gene just said "WTF?!"


MiMi said...

I think that's flippin' hilarious!

Stephanie said...

oh David saw the grass. I'm sure of it. And made a new friend in the process. Good for him!