Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lesbians Sharing Lipstick

Recently two women were kicked out of a Grandview IHOP because one of them kissed the person she was in love with. Unfortunately for them, the person she is in love with is the 2nd woman. I live in Grandview and you couldn't have paid me to eat in that IHOP BEFORE this incident because of the management. Small minded, prickheads - but that's a personal thing with me. We've dealt with them in the past.

As the mother of 4 kids I can tell you that there are so many worse things for kids to witness than people in love, even if those people are of the same gender. How about two people making out who have no emotions towards each other at all. Yeah, that sends a so much better message. Have the people who complained ever really looked around at our society and said "WTF????" Women or Men kissing other women and men is not a huge issue when you think of everything else going on in today's world. Hell, even if you think it's wrong (and you have to ask yourself why you even care) surely you can find other, more important things to focus your energies on. Let the kisser and the kissee take their behavior up with whatever God they do or don't believe in.

The messages I have been seeing on the internet are most shocking to me. Accusations that the women were flaunting their sexuality and trying to get a reaction. Damnation of all things kissable. Suggestions that bans be placed on people expressing all sexualilty and affection....the list goes on and on.

Get over it people. If you saw it and didn't go blind, accept the fact that witnessing such an event won't actually hurt you. Same goes for reading about it and hearing about it. If you are overly upset maybe it's because nobody has tried to kiss you lately. Try being nicer.

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