Friday, March 30, 2007

Say it with me boys and girls...

NO! See, that wasn't so hard. It's a word people are afraid to use. Watching city hall I have never seen any of them use the word. If an issue comes up on their docket,they pass it. Occasionally people will step out of the room and refuse to vote 'in protest'. That's the same as saying YES folks. I spent far too many years on the PTA board. The only person who ever voted no for anything was me. People would vote yes and grumble about it.

That's the same problem with panhandlers. People say yes by giving them money and then grumble about how they are forced into it. Say NO. I do it all the time. Panhandling goes away when the money goes away. Say no unless you really want to say yes.

No is a magic word. It frees the soul. The world would be a better place if more people used it more often. How many 11 year old kids NEED a cell phone? Just say no. How many 16 year old kids need a fast death mobile of a sports car? Just say no. You don't want to listen to a hard luck story from a guy on the street, look him in the eye and say no.

Instead of doing these things we rely on the government to say no for us. We don't have to grow up and take responsibility for anything when we can have the power mongers make a law, so that even though we want to say yes, we can't. See, it's not our fault. We would if we could, but the lawmakers said no to that activity. Blah, blah, blah

Grow up people. It's a short word, probably one you said a lot at ages 2 and 3, learn to use it again.

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