Friday, March 30, 2007

Red Bridge Road

The more people look at this den of snakes masquerading as a city council the more corruption there is to see. It's a horrific sight. The Red Bridge project being a prime example of this.

I love the Red Bridge area. I go hiking there during the warmer months. There are few really cool paths over behind minor park and down Blue River Rd. If Eddy and his slithering friends on the council have their way, this will go away. Visit for exact details and how you can help.

A particularly disgusting bit of information on this project is how they attempted to ram it through the council and bypassing the committee process. The goal was clearly to make sure that the public didn't get a chance to be heard any more than necessary. Of course at the last min. they made it an open meeting and wonder of wonders supporters of the project new in time to show up and testify. Now the snakes can rest easy in their black little hearts. After all, if the opposition wanted to testify, they had a chance, right?

Go to their website and send the council a letter. Write the incoming council and tell them you disapprove of this project. Write the Star, the Pitch, the Call, any and all papers. The current council will slither off to private lives soon, let's do what we can to keep this proposal from going through before then.

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