Saturday, June 14, 2008

Driving in Kansas City.....

is a very dangerous thing to do lately. Yesterday I counted 15 cars who ran red lights. We're not talking pushing the yellow, but actually entering the intersection on red. At one stop light 3 (yes 3) cars went through while my side was green. If I had gone on green I would have been in a serious accident. One guy actually went around me when I stopped on yellow to run the red light, honking and cussing the whole time.

What is wrong with people??????? If you die or kill someone YOU WON'T MAKE IT TO WHEREEVER THE HELL YOU ARE GOING ANY FASTER THAN IF YOU JUST STOPPED FOR THE FLIPPING LIGHT!!! Where are the cops? The situation is getting dangerous. I have noticed the growing trend of running red lights over the past year. 15 is not the highest number I have seen since I started counting. One day 38 people ran red lights where I could see them. I'm only one person. If I counted 38 people then how many actually did it that day??

Quit driving like morons KC.

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