Friday, June 13, 2008

A year later

It's been a year since I last posted. I guess losing the fight with City Hall took a lot out of me. It was a disappointment to say the least. I had forgotten about this blog until Stephanie mentioned it to me and I decided it was time to pick things back up.

I have a second blog which you can find on That one is about things that make me say Oh Wow!! and isn't focused too much on personal things. So, I keep this one too.

We have opened a store/display space in Westport. It's a very tiny little spot in the horseshoe on Pennsylvania. It's right next to Sage & Daisy and across from Murray's. years ago the hat shop, The Missing Piece, was in my new location. They've moved across the parking lot to a bigger spot now.

This is the place as it looks now. Next week we will get window lettering so that everyone knows who we are and what we do. It's been a pain to paint and get ready, but it's finally coming together. I'm slowly gathering everything up to make the place the way I want it. It's hard to find the perfect thing sometimes. You know how it is when you go shopping and you don't know what you want, but you know you don't see it? That's what it's been like for me.

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