Monday, June 16, 2008


My son has found a beagle. It's a nice dog and obviously has an owner. It takes quite a while for a beagle to get as fat as this one. The problem is that it won't go home. I tried leaving it out so that it could head off to wherever home is. All the dog did is lay on the porch. I didn't want it to come in - no illusions about keeping it - but in the back yard it howled for hours until the neighbors complained. Now I have a beagle infesting my bed.

why my bed?!? I have not tried to get to know the dog, it's cute and all, but WE ARE NOT GOING TO KEEP IT. EVEN IF WE CAN'T FIND THE RIGHTFUL OWNER, WE ARE NOT KEEPING THIS DOG. The dog does not understand this and has chosen me to be it's person. I've only pet the thing twice that I can think of, everyone else gives it tons more attention. Still, it has adopted me. That would be fine if 1. I wanted to be adopted and 2. it didn't try to bite my other dogs when I petted them. He is going to piss off my great dane and get injured if he keeps this behavior up. She's a sweet dog, but can only take so much. A warning nip from her will leave a mark on his stubborn neck.

Today I am going to force my son to staple up flyers. I would have done it yesterday, but the rain was too much. Today we start trying HARD to get this dog back home. I have 3 dogs and don't want a fourth.

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