Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stupid things I have done

I'm going to blame my recent stupidity on the stress of getting the boutique ready to open. It's either that or old age and I prefer to blame the stress.

Two days ago I changed out my track lights which involved wiring new pendents to the adapters. It's very easy, even I can do it, still one of them would not work. No matter how Dan placed it in the track it wouldn't turn on. I checked the wiring but it was correct, so I was at a loss for why it wouldn't come on. Then as I was turning it this way and that I found the problem. Seems I had forgotten to put a light bulb in it. That's usually critical in getting the light to turn on. :-)

Yesterday I tried to make coffee. I ground some beans, got water, set the program, but no coffee. I pushed every button the thing has, but no coffee. Today I saw why. I have a coffee maker that doesn't have a pot, you dispense it with a button. Well, there is a pot, but you don't pour from it. I use that pot to carry water to the machine and pour it into the heating part. Except I forgot to pour it. There was no coffee because the machine didn't think it had water. No matter how many buttons I pushed there was never going to be any coffee. It's sad when I need coffee in my system before I can operate my coffee pot.

This week I've gotten the store together, so I will have fewer stupid moments.

I hope.

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