Friday, July 18, 2008

My daughter's play

I went to see Waiting For the Parade Wed. night. It was really good, even better since my daughter is the stage manager. It's her first paid theatre job and she was really excited to have everyone come.

Since I have no clue what she does, I'm going to say that she did it very well. Everything looked good to me, even though she swears mistakes were made. Susi is a perfectionist, so mistakes are always going to be made. Perfection doesn't happen, but she keeps trying. Whatever it is that she does, it makes her happy and she's good at it.

The play itself was very good. I have not been to a play in ages and wasn't sure what to except from one with such a small cast. It centers on 5 women and their lives during WWII as they manned the homefront. The actresses are really good and the storys are engaging. For some reason lost to me the stage is shaped like a penis. Ask the director why when you go see the play.

Performances are at 8 tonight through Saturday and 2:30 p.m. Sunday at UMKC.

A $10 donation is requested. Seating is limited but may be reserved by e-mailing Kathryn Bartholomew at

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