Monday, July 7, 2008

I want a sticker

Actually I WANTED a sticker. I started out wanting two stickers, got one and got denied on the other. What stickers? One from Betallic and one from Qualatex. I wanted to put them on my door since I use both types of balloons in my work and at the boutique. Betallic said no problem and they would find me something. Qualatex said no. Actually they said only if you are a member of the QBN (Qualatex Balloon Network) This is an "organization" that you pay to join and apparently have to be a member of if you want to advertise for them. I would have to PAY them in order to advertise the use of their products. Hmmm....I don't think so. I have instead chosen to reduce my use of their products. Betallic has long been my favorite twisting balloon although I still used Qualatex in my decor. From this point on unless the product I need is not available in some form in a Betallic product I will not purchase Qualatex. That pretty much means I will use Geos, spider eyes, agates and a few of the 3ft. prints from Qualatex. The rest I will get from Betallic via Mayflower distributing, TMyers and Continental Sales.

I have long been opposed to getting a CBA (certified Balloon artist) designation from Qualatex. I don't find it essential to my life or my business and I have met plenty of crap balloon artists with that at the end of their name. Mostly my hesitation has been a feeling that Qualatex does not exhibit real support to the twister end of business. For many years entertainers were treated as unimportant with their exclusive focus being on the needs of decorators. Betallic realized years ago that entertainers were an important part of the industry and LISTENED to them. Also persistent rumors have it that Qualatex engages in some shady business practices. It's not just coming from one person, but lots. If a distributor wants to carry Q products they will not promote B products - at least latex ones. The foil market still seems pretty open.

So, I didn't get my sticker, but that's ok. I just got pushed to vote my opinion with my $$. It may not be a lot of $$, but it's going to go to Betallic, not Qualatex.

Of course maybe I'm just venting and I'll feel totally different in a day or two.

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