Friday, July 25, 2008

Maybe the teachers should strike

Dan spoke with the union rep yesterday and clarified something. It's not that the district wants less planning period time that the teachers used to have, it's that the district wants NO planning period time. Fuck that!

I know how hard my husband works and how much extra time he works outside of the school day. There is no way he can lose that time during the day and still stay sane. It's not an issue of teachers wanting time to laze around, the NEED that time. They have to grade papers, prepare lesson plans, meet with students, call parents. Teachers have no free time. Planning period is also when they go to the bathroom. They can't go during the students passing period because they need to man their class for incoming students. They don't want to leave the little angels alone during the middle of class - so planning period is pretty much it.

If the district wants to get more class time in - FIRE SOME ADMINISTRATORS AND HIRE MORE TEACHERS. If they take away the class time I'm pretty sure my husband will pay the $2k penalty for breaking his contract and seek other employment. Maybe he'll go back to being a full time balloon artist. It paid more anyway.

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