Friday, July 18, 2008

KCMO school superintendent

I hope that when the KCMSD school board finally picks their new scapegoat they give the guy a chance. I don't think Dr. Martin was wrong when he said it would take 10 years and a whole new administration to fix the problem.

I wrote Dr. Martin yesterday and told him that I wished he would stay on as superintendent. I doubt the position would be offered to him, but one can always hope. I know Dr. Martin from his days at Grandview and he is a man that I like and respect. As our superintendent he was always open, fair and honest. KC schools need something like that. They also need to quit playing politics and engaging in overt nepotism and FIX THE PROBLEM. It's not a quick fix. Just like dieting there is no magic pill, no matter what commercials you see on tv. The board needs to set LONG RANGE GOALS. Then they need to implement them and stick with them.

I have a tiny business and I have set goals. You can't run a business without them. The school district is a business and needs to act like one. Find a CEO who is fair, open & honest like Dr. Martin and then work to make the company a success.

Oh and also...

Don't hand the next super's balls to the board. Dr. Martin could speak out because he's not staying, most of them don't have that luxury. Don't let the board fire him/her - put that question before the voters - even if it calls for a special election.

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