Friday, July 25, 2008

getting better

Zelda is getting better. The swelling in her leg has gone down about halfway. I'm so relieved. I love that giant, drooly dog. We got her originally because of the meth house up the street. Our other dog was getting old and I wanted a watch dog. Zelda is friendly and basically a giant puppy, but she scares the hell out of people. 130lbs of "why are you in my yard??" with white teeth shining against black fur teens to be a bit intimidating. Don't misunderstand, she's never attacked anyone - she's not vicious. Danes are protective though and I wouldn't want to break in or threaten her family.

The meth house is gone. FINALLY. Still it's nice to know that I have Zelda around. I know anyone with a gun could take her out, but anyone with a gun is more threat than most security systems can handle. I don't own a gun and don't want to own a gun, so I'll stick to a big dog with a scary bark. For the guy with the gun I have a Pomeranian with a shrill bark. He's kind of an early warning system. It's impossible to sneak up on my house. The pom will set off the dane and everyone is up. Of course they sometimes react the same when a squirrel tries to sneak up on the house, or a cat - still that's a small price to pay for being able to sleep knowing with some small sense of security.

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