Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bleah on teens who don't listen

I spend a lot of time at the boutique. That's a good thing, it's my JOB. I don't ask a lot from my sons, but today I asked the oldest to be on the lookout for my balloon order which was coming COD. He knew were the $$ was and all he had to do was ANSWER THE DOOR. He didn't. He let his brother get it. Said brother didn't know anything about the $$ and the UPS guy left with my balloons. He will bring them again tomorrow, but that puts me behind schedule. One thing, that's all I asked. Bleah on them! Oh and do you think that either of them could be bothered to call me. How about calling and saying "mom there's a guy here who says we have to pay for some balloons." Nope, couldn't be done. I'm trying to remind myself about why they have cell phones.


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