Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear KFKF 94.1

Having played a country song by Charlie Pride does not make you not racists. I don't know if the dj in question is or isn't a racist, but I do knowing that playing Charlie Pride in the 60s does not make him the anti-racist
My very racist family in Arkansas listened to Charlie Pride and said "He sings purty good for a black guy". They really are a bunch of backwoods racist hicks. Some of them listen to some rap and r&b - doesn't lessen their racist leanings.

If people on the "left coast" and people on the "right coast" consider Kansas City the be the home of redneck, racists hicks the way to prove them wrong is NOT to say "we played a song by a black man in the 60s". Prove them wrong by making sure every person of every color gets fair treatment in this city.

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