Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I wish KC had a Jungle Jims

I'll admit it, I watch odd shows on tv. I hate reality show that aren't real, but I love show like the Travel Channels "Best of..." Last year they did a show on extreme grocery stores. Yes, you read that correctly. My favorite was Jungle Jim's in Ohio. As luck would have it I was going to Cincinnati not long after I saw the show, so I got the chance to visit Jungle Jim's in person. It was everything I could have imagined and so much more. This place is so big that you actually need the map they give you if you plan to find your way out. I am soooooooooo jealous. I want one here. Of course it's not a chain and that's why it's cool, so I guess I want the whole thing airlifted here.

I am going back in November when I attend Float, but I wish I could go in August. The weekend of fire sounds very very cool. This place had more hot sauces than you can imagine. They even had an adults only section with XXX rated sauces because of the names and pictures on the bottles. Last year I bought 4 new sauces and this year I plan to buy at least 10. If JJ had an online store I would be broker than I am now.

I haven't mentioned the international food section yet. They had lebkuchen. Not the crappy stuff you usually buy here, but the good stuff from Germany. That's on my shopping list too. As is more ramen. The good kind, not the 10 for a $1 kind.

I don't usually get this excited about grocery shopping, but I just realized last night that I would be in Ohio again. (we just decided to attend Float) Hot sauce and balloon friends, it looks to be a perfect weekend.

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