Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To the guy in the silverish

Triton truck headed north at the intersection of Main & 39th around 12:45 today....Lay off the f'ing horn and take some happy pills dillwad. The woman in front of you wasn't turning left because she apparently had no desire to be broadsided by any of the cars headed south. So she didn't risk her life and let you barrel through the intersection a few seconds earlier. Poor you. I'm assuming the size of your truck and your overall attitude is related to the small size of your dick. Too back - compensate in some other way. You know why there isn't a picture of you on this post? Because you finally got to turn and went way too fast while I was on my way to take it. I did get your plate and if I ever see it around town I will take a picture to update this blog with.

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