Saturday, April 14, 2007

The SCARIEST thing I've seen on TV this year.

I caught an rerun of VH1's 'documentary' on Kiddie Beauty Pageants. Hands down this is the scariest thing I have watched this year. These kids don't even look real. Only one of them appeared to be doing it for herself instead of her mom. That's the one who refused hair extensions, spray tan and fake teeth. She's also the only one who didn't get upset when she didn't win a huge prize. She was ok with it and is probably the only one who will grow up semi ok with herself.

The moms of the other girls all claimed that the kids were doing it for themselves. yeah, right. What kid wants to get up at the crack of dawn to spend hours in a chair getting her hair pulled, primped and sprayed. All the while mom is yelling at her to sit still and smile. These contests are judge simply on beauty and the moms let the girls know that if they want to win they have to rely on being pretty. Great message to give the girls. Oddly enough most of the moms were overweight blondes with huge boobs. Except for the one girl who broke the 'rules' and went as natural as you can get at one of those freak shows. It think the moms are trying to relive their own failed beauty pageant days.

The girls are given spray tans, more make up than your average hooker, fake hair and fake teeth called flippers. Then before the show they are given lots of red bull and sugar to hype their personalities up. The crash after the show must be extreme. All the stress and all the sugar and all the tears if they don't win. Mom's tears. And all the backstabbing. Entering your children in these contests should be considered child abuse.

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