Friday, April 6, 2007

Things I never thought I would say

There have been times I've said things that I never could have imagined myself saying. It happened again today.

Watching some show, can't remember which, a clip of Geraldo debating Bill O'Reilly. I have a dislike for both men and their news styles, so seeing them in one clip is a nightmarish event. Before I could change the channel I got sucked in by the way they were arguing.

- back story- A young girl was killed by a drunk driver, who turned out to be an illegal alien. (from Mexico, not Mars in case you were wondering) Instead of ranting on the evils of mixing autos and alcohol Mr. Reilly decides to have an discussion with Geraldo because everyone knows that Geraldo represents all people who can speak Spanish. - now ya know how the clip got started -

The two pseudo journalists were arguing. At some point it looked like O'Reilly was going to pick up a chair and break Geraldo's nose again. You could practically see his breath as it exploded from his head. Not one to ever back down, Geraldo gave as good as he got. However, in a sad twist of fate, I found myself saying (the thing I never thought I would say) GO GERALDO!!! TELL THIS PIECE OF CRAP WHAT THE REAL STORY IS.

I think I need a drink. I know I need to watch less television.

Of course it could be worse. Among the other things I never thought I would have to say are

"Why is there tang on the ceiling?"
"Don't put syrup on your brother." & my personal favorite
(to Apple customer service) "I have an iguana in my computer and need to know how to take the access panel off."

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