Tuesday, April 3, 2007

20 years

Today makes 20 years for Dan & I. It feels a little strange that it's been 2 decades. When I look closely at Dan I can see the changes, but for the most part he's just the same old Dan that I married.

I won't lie and say that it's been 20 years of bliss. We fight like cats and dogs sometimes. We were kids when we got married and growing up isn't easy when you're single much less when you're married. There have been times when I've wanted to just push him off of a cliff and I'm sure he's felt the same. Still for the most part we balance each other out. I'm outgoing, he's shy. I like to spend, he likes to save. I make choices quickly and sometimes rashly. He can't make a decision without hours and hours and hours and hours of thought. (never ask this man what he wants for dinner) I'm pushy, he's patient. He's can be very rigid about following rules, I tend to view rules as 'guidelines' not absolutes. We're not total opposites, we do agree on lots of things, politics and respect for religious views - the stuff that can really tear a marriage apart if you disagree.

Tonight we probably won't go out and do anything fancy. Dan knows better than to buy me roses (I hate dead plants, a rose bush that i can plant is a better choice) I know better than to buy him anything (he hates to spend) Tonight we will work on getting more signatures for the referendum petition we've been working on. Another day of the same old same old, but it's still special. We get to work together on something that we both feel passionately about. For us that's better than sitting in a restaurant trying to make conversation that's different than what we would talk about at home. Besides, the kids are going to call us 900 times anyway. I think we'll save the fancy meals for days when they are off on their own. Or maybe we'll keep doing things the way we do them now.

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