Saturday, April 7, 2007

My Garden , survival of the fittest - part 2

I don't usually take care of my garden, I promise I don't. I'm a firm believer in letting it grow or die on it's own except in extreme circumstances. The weather lately has been extreme. Last night it was still 30 when I went to bed at midnight, so I didn't rush out and cover the roses. Guess I should have because by the time I woke up it was 19 and the damage had started. The tulips are goners and a couple of the roses don't look so good. A surprising victim was the blackberry bush. I think it will recover, but right now it's not looking so good.

I have covered the plants in preparation for the awful cold tonight. I was not prepared for this blast of arctic weather this week and neither were my plants. I have hope though, some of the roses look pretty good and the mint refuses to succumb, so my garden will go on.

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