Thursday, March 5, 2009

150 Hwy& 71

Dear lady in the Plymouth Voyager MO Tag 352 TSS

What the Fuck is your problem???????????????

Did you not see the sign that says No driving on shoulder?

I was right there, when you pulled around 5 cars to drive on the shoulder and get to the exit first.

5 cars with their blinkers on because they were going to the same exit as you.


Why the fuck do you deserve to get there first? Did you oversleep and run late for work? Do you think I enjoy nearly having my bumper hit in your rush to be the first one at the exit?

Dear Grandview police,

This happens EVERY FUCKING DAY OF THE WORK WEEK. Forget about your lame attempts to stop speeders - there is money to be made here. Not only is it a clear and obvious violation - IT'S IN A WORK ZONE WHERE FINES ARE HIGHER.

I hate rush hour traffic. It's one of the reasons I go in so early.


Logtar said...

Nothing better than road rage in the morning! it wakes you up more than coffee ever could!

I don't get people that do this, and even more so in this city where the traffic actually flows. I see stuff like this all the time only to find them right next to me or even behind a couple of lights down. I guess its like the close door button in the elevator, its perceived saved time.

Hyperblogal said...

Possibly the only good thing to come out of this.... the shoulder is where all the glass, nails, wild creature body parts and other miscellany end up... so, with any luck, she now has nine nails in a tire.

rubigimlet said...

i suffer from ye olde road rage myself. i find it get exponentially worse as i approach the Triangle however. Thankfully I took a year off from commuting and now i actually don't mind driving so much. I will also add -- for all the KS drivers suck b.s. -- the person in your example had MO tags and that's been my experience. MO drivers are completely oblivious to the slower cars to the right rule and take more dangerous chances as opposed to simply asshole maneuvers (which JoCo drivers seem to have a monopoly on).