Monday, March 23, 2009

I don't know if I hate this or kinda like it. First I laughed so hard I almost choked. I kept waiting for Johnny Cash's zombie to claw his way out of the grave and go for Adam Lambert and hopefully the rest of American Idol. And don't forget Randy Travis who looked a bit creepy himself on the show. The Cash Zombie should have gotten him too.

I've always loved Johnny Cash's version of this song, so this version was hard to take at first. A couple of listens and I find I can appreciate it for a different take. Beer would probably push me over the top into "I like this" A few beers anyway. Quite a few beers.

It's different - I'll give Adam Lambert that.

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Hyperblogal said...

I think he's lip sinking. That's a Johnny Cash 45 played at 78.