Monday, November 17, 2008

Caylee Anthony

Little Caylee's story was national news for a week or so, then more interesting things happened and a lot of the nation forgot. Nancy Grace didn't. I really really really dislike Nancy, but she did keep this case out there. Why should it be out there? Because in our society people are too happy to forget the bad stuff. I wish that every case of a missing kid, no matter the race, income level or social standing would be on the news EVERY night.

If every local news station ran down a list of kids missing from Kansas City every night people would have a harder time ignoring it. We worry when some pretty teen goes missing, especially if the teen is from a wealthy family. We don't bat an eye when a kid from a poor family is missing. As the skin gets darker the apathy gets stronger. Shame on us.

I've been following Caylee's story on an Orlando Station's website. A lot has happened. Of course they now think she's dead, but everyone already knew that. Most of us knew it when her mother didn't report her missing for a month. I've been following the story because something about the mother grabbed my attention and I want to see it play out to the end.

In more local news GO HERE to KC Child Search to see the 17 pages of kids either missing from our area or who are believed to be in our area.

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