Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wow, I didn't know

I was unaware until today that the election actually cancelled out any powers that Congress might have. Apparently from now on all of the power will be held by one man. One great man or one evil man depending on which side of the vote you were on.

Is Obama really going to do all the things I'm hearing about? Is Congress truly unable to stop him? Come on people, get real. he can't raise taxes, start war (only works for Bush), implement new laws or redistribute any one's wealth WITHOUT THE SENATE AND HOUSE SAYING HE CAN. Not just the Senate OR the House, but the Senate AND the House. Obama will have great power to lead, to inspire and to some extent to influence, but he can't change everything all at once just by himself.

To all the rednecks who are in a panic - Obama can't force you to listen to rap and not country. He can't make a law that your daughters can only date black men and he won't make you get gold teeth. Your life is pretty much unchanged. On that note - cut the mullet. It was ugly in the 80s, it's still ugly.

To all the ultra ghettos - you're still going to have to work even if there is a brother in the White House. Lots of hard working black men and women will benefit from having a person of color at the highest seat in the government. Lots of lazy, not working people (of all colors from very white to very dark) will not see the instant benefits they are banking on.

I have heard so many stupid comments today from both sides of the voting lines. Obama has quite a bit of work ahead of him. I hope he does what's best for the country, 'cause he isn't going to be able to please everyone.

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