Tuesday, November 4, 2008


There seem to be a lot more voters this year than in 2000 or 2004. I live across the street from a polling station, so I see the traffic. I usually would support lots of voters, but they have put me in a bad mood today. The polls open at 6. At 5 I could hear lots of traffic, so I went to investigate. The right to vote does NOT give people the right to block driveways. I got to mine in time, but two of my neighbor's didn't and were late for work as a result. On our street parking is allowed on one side only. People were on both sides leaving one narrow lane down the middle. So far today I have seen 9 standoffs where people going either direction were determined that they and they alone had the right of way. That was all before 7. After Dan finally made it out of the driveway I went back to bed. I'll vote later this morning after some of the people have made it into work.

It's only once every 4 years, so I could just suck it up and complain less. That won't happen because it's not only once every 4 years. yeah, big votes are, but rudeness seems to happen every day. Have some courtesy folks. Our street didn't close down for voting. A lot of people actually live near the schools and churches you are voting at. Don't park in their driveways, don't throw your cigarette in their yard and don't blast your radio or having screaming fights about who is supposed to pick up the kids in front of their houses. Behave nicely and I won't be tempted to cut off the valves to your tires while you are waiting in line. :-)

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