Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good Deal

A while back I spent $13 on a single skein of wool yarn. Good yarn can be expensive, but I usually try to find a good deal. This WAS a good deal. It was half off. Normally this yarn is $26. I got a great deal. It would have been a pretty good deal at $26. So far I have made a pair of felted slippers, a felted bowl, the trim on a child sized hat, a felted child sized hat, several felted leaves and I still have enough left over to make a change purse or maybe a pot holder. Keep in mind that felted items are made bigger than you need, so they take more yarn. I bought one other skein of the same of yarn in a different color. Now that I'm making stuff for craft shows I'm very very happy I decided to spend the $$ on the yarn.

I'm a bit of a yarn snob. That's why I have to look for good deals. I could buy cheap acrylic yarn and save a ton of cash - but you get what you pay for. Ever see that stiff, itchy crochet at craft shows? Maybe on the back of your grandmother's couch in afghan form? That's what you get when you cheap out on the yarn. I look for good deals and use the good stuff. A yarn has to feel good when I work with it. Most of what I use are wools and wool blends. My favorite is Lamb's Pride from Brown Sheep Wool. (wool/mohair blend) I also use cotton, bamboo and other natural fibers - I even use a bit of acrylic. just not cheap, stiff acrylic.

I'll post pictures this week of the stuff I have been making. I need to post some on etsy, but just have not had the time.

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

I'll be waiting for those pictures. So get to snapping!!