Thursday, August 27, 2009

Curves Shoes from Avon

I tried these tennis shoes. I've heard wonderful things about mbt shoes, but while Dan is unemployed I am not spending over 200 on tennis shoes. Same basic concept but a bit cheaper so I thought I would try them.

I love them. I have a high arch so I need to add an insole but other than that they are great. I could feel the workout all the way up my leg when I wore them to the gym this morning. I didn't feel tired exactly, but I could feel different muscles working more. Especially in my ass - which is a good thing. LOL

I wiggle a lot so I like the rocking motion. I go back and forth anyway and this makes it easier and more fun.

The sole did make it a bit harder to go up and down stairs, but I'm sure I will adjust to that.


Stacey K said...

update on the shoes. NEVER WEAR them when you have to stand in one spot for 4 hours. It's kinda painful.

Elizabeth said...

I love these shoes. MBT's were recomended by foot specialist before Curves came out with these. I own 6 pair of MBT's. After trying Curves I will never go back. They are better than the more expensive shoe. The Curve sandals are great also. Avon has the best price on all Curve shoes. It helps that I am an Ind. Avon Representative.

Elliott Broidy said...

I was unaware that they sold shoes.

medfit 47 said...

Bought these curves when they first came out. I still wear them and I'm over 60 and buy george they are still in good shape and sturdy. I'm clumsie and my cures have saved my backsides from hitting the ground many times over. Great for walking over gravel rocks & so on I love fishing and walk to the river & lakes on gravel road with my family.