Thursday, August 20, 2009

One more post

Since I stopped eating wheat I started losing weight. Since the depression lifted I've started exercising. It feels good.

so far I have lost somewhere around 30lbs. I don't own a scale, but that's my estimate. I know I have lost 2 dress sizes in my stomach and maybe 4 in my legs. After 4 c-sections it's going to take awhile for my tummy to shrink.

I go to the gym several days a week and get together with Stephanie on Tuesday. Our exercise sessions are as much about having fun as they are getting in shape. It's nice to work out with someone who won't laugh at how uncordinated I am.

Last week we tried hula hooping. It seems like good exercise. I got most of my workout from bending over to pick the thing up again. LOL I'm not shaped right for that yet. You need an actual waist I think.

There's a certain joy I'm finding in trying and failing. I don't mind the failing and the trying is fun. It's nice to be able to share that with someone.


May said...


Stacey K said...

Love that picture. Just saw Matt when I walked over to pick up my lunch at SunFresh. :-)

Beautiful Mess said...

Good for you, sweetie! I think it's great to have a friend who won't laugh at you or laugh with you! The friend I exercise with is in better shape then me and I don't like exercising with her. Not becuase she's in better shape but becuase she is graceful. Me? Not so much!

Keep it up, you're doing an AMAZING job! I'm very proud of you and your new attitude!