Friday, October 24, 2008


Summary of District Proposals (October 17, 2008)

1. Management rights clause included in the contract, which gives all rights to the District with the exception of those that are contained in the collective bargaining agreement. Many of the rights in our 2005-08 contract eliminated.

2. Contract provisions that are gone, removed, eliminated:
· Your right to send a student to the office for a violation of the Code of Conduct;
· Your right to Union representation when called in for disciplinary action;
· ER & D (the classroom management training provided for new teachers by our own Union members);
· Air quality;
· All guidelines on the hiring, evaluating, or firing of athletic coaches or extra-pay positions (you’re at the mercy of the administration);
· Requirement to provide a secretary for every three counselors;
· Use of libraries;
· Teacher travel;
· Layoff/recall of probationary teachers; and
· Teacher evaluation committee.

3. The guarantee to have enough supplies and instructional materials for your students removed from the contract.

4. No longer guaranteed three days to submit report cards or grades.

5. No limits on the number of PA interruptions to your classroom.

6. Your protection to be free from public criticism/reprimands deleted.

7. No workday language – there are absolutely no workday guidelines.
· Administration can require you to remain at work as many hours as they want (10, 12, 14 hours per day).
· Your lunch break can be reduced or eliminated.
· Planning time can be used for whatever the administration wants.
· You could be assigned supervisory duties all day.
· After-school meetings, open houses, faculty meetings, professional development can be scheduled anytime, everyday, before/after your workday with no additional pay.

8. No language on transfers, assignments, or reorganization. It’s up to management.
· You can be transferred anytime, anywhere.
· Seniority eliminated for transfers, assignments, reorganization.
· Reorganization (which now must be completed during the first quarter) can be done anytime during the school year.

9. The Superintendent has the final say on all grievances. The Union has won every arbitration we have filed. But with the District’s proposal, the Superintendent could overturn those arbitrations.

10. Compensation offer of $750.00 on 12/15/08 and $750.00 on 5/19/09 (this is a bonus and does not count toward your retirement). No steps, no longevity pay, no pay for subbing on planning time (you could sub for free), and no salary schedules. Your pay could be decreased next year.
11. Termination of contract and negotiations resumed upon a finding by the School Board by a 2/3 vote that an emergency exists.

12. Publication of our contract no longer paid for by the District.

13. Our right to place Union literature in your boxes and to have a bulletin board at each school eliminated.

Although the District had signed off on a tentative agreement on summer school (containing language on compensation, assignment, and substitution during planning time), the District did not include this tentative agreement in their proposal package of October 17, 2008.


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