Friday, October 10, 2008

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

There are people in our lives that secretly hate us. You can tell because for Christmas you get ugly Christmas Sweaters. Big, glitzy, gaudy, overdone confections of red, green and white. Sometimes blue and or brown depending on how much sky and how many reindeer. You can tell the giver secretly hates you because
1. the gift is amazingly ugly
2. even if you like it you would have to wait a year to wear it since Christmas is over by the time you open presents.

Stephanie from Sage & Daisy and I want to see who owns the ugliest Christmas Sweater in the Kansas City area. There is $$ and prizes in it for you if you're brave enough to be photographed in the sweater. $50 to be exact. (25 cash and 25 gift certificate) Oh and you get a Certificate suitable for framing that announces to the world that you own the ugliest Christmas Sweater in Kansas City.

How to enter...
1. Rescue that old Christmas sweater from the back of the attic, garage, basement, dog house...whatever.
2. Get a picture of yourself in it. Wear glasses or a bag over your head if you don't want people to know it's you.
3. Stop by the shops at 4126 Pennsylvania, KCMO (in Westport by Californo's) Sage & Daisy is Suite 3 and Oh Wow!! is Suite 5. Fill out an entry form (or email me and I'll send you one)
4. Do this before November 30th

Entry is easy and you don't have to buy anything.

How to win...
1. Have or make the ugliest sweater Kansas City has ever seen.
2. Vote for yourself often and have friends vote too. Voting is done by making a donation to the Marine's Toys for Tots program. Each entrant will be given a number and their picture displayed in the shop windows. To vote bring a NEW, UNWRAPPED toy in. Write the #5 of the person you are voting for on a sticker or paper that's taped to the toy. Person who gets the most toy votes wins. (and so do some kids)
3. Vote between December 1st and December 15th.

The winner will be announced on December 16th.

When you're voting keep in mind something I saw on the Toys for Tots website. They always run out of toys for babies and kids over 7 - especially tweens and teens. Most toys are in the 3-7 year age range. Cheap mp3 players and cd players count as toys for teens. So do makeup kits.

Enter once, enter often - vote as many times as you want. Prepare to be laughed at. maybe win something. It'll be fun, you know you want to play along!

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