Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bad day for poor Dan

yesterday was not a good day for my husband. At least the morning kinda sucked.

It started the day before with our younger son. He likes to pressurize two liter bottles and then toss them so they'll explode. This may or may not be entirely due to my setting a bad example, but we'll leave that question for another day. He never throws them at or near anyone. It's just kinda fun to watch them go nuts when he tosses them.

The other day he tried to pressurize one with some canned air. It didn't work and he wasted the air I used on my computer. He came in and for reasons yet unknown didn't dispose of the 2 liter. He just left it in the living room. Dan came across it yesterday morning and thought he would take a quick drink before we headed out the door.

Did you know that canned air contains some kind of bittering agent to keep people from huffing it? I didn't until yesterday morning. I don't think Dan did either until that liquid his his mouth. He started sputtering and coughing and then puking. The boys told us what had been done to that particular coke and thankfully Dan didn't swallow any of it. He did feel queasy for the rest of the day.

I felt bad for him. He's ok, so his reaction is kinda funny now. Well, not to Dan - it may take awhile before he thinks it's funny.

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