Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear Officer Parker

Officer Parker,Badge #1939

Kansas City does NOT have an entertainer's license. If you're going to be paid to enforce the law at least KNOW IT. There are restrictions on performing. Do you know what they are? Did you know the magician at 13th & Wyandotte was asked to be there to participate in the scavenger hunt. He was NOT breaking the law as it is currently written. You personally not have the legal right to restrict free speech except as already restricted by Kansas City code. You're paid to enforce, not create laws.

Look up the code dumbass.

Hey, while you're doing that - check with your boss. See the Chief of Police recognizes that the code as it is written is unconstitutional and has publicly stated so.

No the magician moved on because you were a dick and threatened him. Way to treat a law abiding citizen. Glad to see you working so hard to solve actual crime in this city.


Thanks to couple of emails I'm going to clarify things a bit.

My dad is a cop.(not here) He retires this year after nearly 30 years as an officer. I have respect for the work, stress and danger of being a police officer. I know they don't get paid crap for what they do. I don't respect the ones who get John Wayne Syndrome and act like they are above the laws they are supposed to enforce. Telling someone to cease a legal activity or face arrest is wrong and my post reflects my anger at that.

As a side note - anon emails are not really anon. They can be traced back to at least the server they were sent from. Sending me emails with my own email as the return address is amusing, but if you're gonna say it, why not use your own name?


nate said...

Dear balloon lady,

I can't believe I just discovered your blog. By accident. What the crap dude?! You have to tell me about this stuff!



KODIACK said...

Why didn't you call him a dumb ass to his face?

just wondering!

Hey can you make a balloon snowman with huge gonads?

Stacey K said...

I wasn't the magician. I just collect information to turn over to the lawyers.

Faced with a similar situation I probably would have ended up in jail. The magician in question did not.

And yes I am quite capable of making a snowman with huge gonads.