Monday, May 18, 2009


mad, jealous, annoyed, disgusted. I'm a whirlwind of emotions and none of them are good. Why? My parents are going to visit my brother this summer and watch hid kids for him since he can't afford a babysitter. I suggested they come up here for a day or two, but they can't because they will have all those kids.

Nice that they are helping him out. Fucking sucks that this is my dad's 3rd or 4th trip to Arkansas to help with the boys in the past couple of years and HE HASN'T SEEN MY KIDS IN A DECADE. Fuck that. I'm going to be pissed off for ages.

We were going to go and visit them last Thanksgiving, but my mom wanted us to go to my brother's house instead. My older kids wouldn't go if they had to go to Arkansas and I didn't enjoy that once again my kids would be pushed to the back so my mom could spend time with my nephews. The only time they saw my mom without a cousin in tow was when my brother was in prison and all the boys were with their mom.

10 - 1 odds that she forgets my oldest daughter's birthday on Friday.

I enjoyed spending time with my grandparents when I was young and I hate that my kids missed out on that. No wonder my youngest likes going with her best friend to the friend's grandparent's house.

yep, going to be mad for ages.


m.v. said...

is there a reason? did you elope or something? by the way, I always wanted to come by your store, the school is having 1/2 days on Thursday and Friday, are you open after luhcn?

Stacey K said...

Well yes, we did elope, but that doesn't really explain my parents nutso behavior. Only reason I can think of is that my brother had kids. My parents doted on my kids before that. His mom always preferred the other grandkids. That part probably does have to do with me not being Jewish. (his dad was the only sane grandparent in the bunch) Anyways - can't change them, can only deal with it on my end and venting helps me do that.

I am open every day except Monday from about noon until about 7. The windows have LOTS of tint, so if it looks dark, pull the handle anyway.

GB, RN said...

That DOES suck. This sort of thing pisses me off, so I'm sending my pissed off vibes your way to reinforce yours and make them uber-pissed wavelengths that may travel to your parents and give them headaches the entire time they are in Arkansas.

You're welcome!

Stacey K said...


:-) you're so sweet!

Rest assured they will indeed have headaches the entire time they are there. My brother has 3 boys ages 10, 9 & 8 (yet he thought condoms were not a funny birthday present)

The last time I took the boys somewhere our car trip was something like this.

Me: What!! Where did you get that squirt gun! Don't use it in the car!!

boys: Ok

Me: Give me that squirt gun. And that one too!

boys: Ok

Me: How many damned squirt guns do you have???? Give them ALL to me.

that was the part where they were behaving. Sometime later I had to remind them that Aunt Stace is not as nice as Daddy and Mamaw. Aunt Stacey will tie them to the top of the car to get some peace and quiet.

If I were really a mean person I would send the boys a big bag of candy along with the pissed off thoughts I sent my parents.