Friday, May 29, 2009

Running Away

A woman recently faked her own kidnapping in order to run away to Disney World.

She cleaned out her bank account and took coworkers id (probably for the plane ride), grabbed one of her 3 daughters and headed off to the land of the giant mouse. She's in all sorts of trouble with the law, her work, her husband and probably tons of other people. Basically she just snapped and ran away.

Before that she was one of those hard working overly scheduled types. I'm guessing that she never learned one of the most important things my grandmother taught me. She taught me that sometimes you just have to say "Fuck it" (my word, she didn't cuss) You have to chuck responsibility for a few hours and have some fun. I remember the times she would call the school and tell them I had an appointment and then pick me up to go shopping. It wasn't often, and I was still expected to keep up with my work, but it was memorable. It was freeing and made the rest of the crappy stuff more bearable.

People don't do that very often anymore. Too many give up taking time off from work and what little time they do take is still scheduled. It starts with kids. When do they just play anymore? Soccer, scouts, dance, art lessons, music lessons - it goes on and on and on. What's wrong with just laying in the grass looking at bugs. There is no rule that we have to be productive 100% of our waking hours. Everyone needs some down time.

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Bald Outing said...

yes, everything in moderation. clearly this lady didn't understand that concept.