Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm a night owl. Given my choice I would stay up until 2 or 3 and then sleep until 10 or so. My most creative and productive hours are after midnight. Sadly I don't get to stay up much after midnight lately. To save $$ I ride in with Dan, so I have to be getting out of bed at 5:30. Not a good thing to do if you only just got to bed at 3.

To cope with my altered sleep schedule I nap. I have an air mattress at the shop and I set it up at 6:30 (when I get here) and sleep until 8:30. It's not a perfect solution, but it does make a huge difference in my day. The store doesn't open until 12 and before the nap time I would just try to get things done. I was always exhausted by later afternoon. Now I nap instead of work and get a LOT more done in the afternoon. Naps are good.

Too bad most people aren't in jobs that allow them to nap. There have been studies that show an increase in overall productivity for workers who nap. The Danish government has approved naps for night shit workers. That's pretty cool. I've worked the night shift and while I didn't usually need a nap I know a lot of people who did. Not everyone is programmed to stay up all night like I am and a lot of people who should work day shift end up on the night shift. Naps would be good for them.


May said...

I am pretty much unable to take naps unless I want to screw up my internal clock... I tend to just end up sleeping for 5-6 hours when I try to "nap" which is how much uninterrupted rest I usually get at night so then I'll be up until the next night. It's totally lame.

Sleeping in your store sounds like it would be a fun camp-out ^_^

Spyder said...

I would be all for naps at work.