Wednesday, May 6, 2009

F you commercial lady

I often hear a commercial where a woman talks about being a gambler. She doesn't go to the casinos or play the ponies she's a gambler because her family doesn't have health insurance. I hate this commercial because it reminds me that I don't have health insurance. It doesn't motivate me to call their company, just makes me worry more. As a matter of fact I will call anyone else before I call their company.

Why don't I have health insurance? Because the plan offered through Dan's employer (KCMO school district) costs to f'ing much. He is covered by the school the rest of us just can't afford it. It costs more than our monthly mortgage, more than all of our utilities combined and almost the same amount i use to feed 5 people every month. We also make too much to get help from the state for the kids.

Where does that leave us? Trying to not get sick. yes, if there were an accident we would be bankrupt. I know that, but I can't skip paying the mortgage every month to insure against that type of thing. Not pay the electric bill? How about telling the kids we're only eating Ramen for a month. That actually sounds like a way to get unhealthy pretty fast. I'm looking for a plan that is actually useful while being affordable. Until then I am locked into being one America's red shirts.

If you don't understand that reference - watch more Star Trek. Red shirts are expendable and unimportant to the establishment. That's what it feels like to be one of the working poor in America. If you work the government does very little to help you. You have to be out of work and willing to stay that way to get much out of the system. We get by and I don't view myself as poor. I've seen poverty up close and I'm not there. I get to have a roof over my head and food on the table. I just don't get to go to the doctor unless it's an actual emergency.

And so I hate that commercial. Not everyone who doesn't have health insurance is irresponsible. Some of us just haven't learned how to magic into existence the $$ needed to pay for it. So Fyou commercial lady and your 'gambling problem'. F you and the writers who came up with that crap.


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't have cable.

Stacey K said...

no, I don't have cable. And we don't eat out very often. And I buy things at thrift shops when I can. so on and so on. It's not a matter of wasting $$. It's simply $700 a month that we can't afford.

I do hope that you are not one of those people who assumes that everyone who doesn't have health insurance is someone who is wasting their money instead of spending it wisely.

MoxieMamaKC said...

Wow. I can't believe Anonymous went there. None of their business. While my husband, daughter and I have insurance through my job and Hubby's, I constant worry about my mom and dad. The plan offered by my dad's job is just like your husband's: WAY to expensive for them to afford. I'm constantly worried something will happen to them. I'll think good healthy thoughts for you.

May said...

Health care sucks in the US. Your red shirt description couldn't be more fitting!

m.v. said...

I was lucky to have low-cost insurance at work. I don't know if you considered a cheaper plan that will cover "catastrophic" expenses.
I always say if you are just above poor and just happen to be honest you are screwed.