Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mean people, morons and the power of outraged internet users

some serial killer in the making named Kenny Glenn made a video of himself abusing a cat named Dusty. Actually he made a couple of them. Then being a moron as well as mean he posted them to After all he was sure everyone else would think they were as funny as he did. He wanted attention and he got it.

It came in the form of outraged internet users tracking him down, posting his information and turning him in. I don't know how hard he was hitting Dusty, but it's obvious that Dusty is scared and oddly meek. He has the look of an animal with no way to defend itself. I'm guessing he is declawed because my cats would have shredded the attacker's hands before the abuse reached the point it did with Dusty. Now I will agree that every day many pets suffer horrific abuse and this is mild by comparison. For me the scariest part here is how these two boys thought this was funny. It's funny to hurt and terrify something small and helpless. What they will do as they reach adult hood scares me even more.

Their behavior pisses me off but the fact that I can't find any mention of it on or pisses me off more. A zillion articles on nonsense like Lindsy Lohan or Paris Hilton, but not a lot on animal abuse over all & no articles on this incident that I could find. Russia Today managed to cover it, so did small papers across the US and at least one in Europe. Crap like this needs to be made public. It can't be ignored and swept away to some secret places. We need to look at the darkness in our society so that we can keep it from taking over.

"One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a child is to kill or torture an animal and get away with it". ~ Margaret Mead

What if Kenny had gotten away with it? Do you want him living next to your pets and children? I'm glad that enough people on the net were outraged enough to do something instead of looking the other way.

I pulled this post for a couple of hours because I felt the need to verify that it wasn't a hoax. Everything I could find did point to it being real - so now it's back up. Here's a link to a news station's coverage of the cat's status on march 3.


Spyder said...

This really pisses me off. God know what & who he'll be torturing next.

Beautiful Mess said...

How horrible! Thank goodness for angry internets and doing something.

Hyperblogal said...

Disgusting. Who you are as a person is shown by how to treat the least amongst us... animals and children.
He should not be allowed to be around either.