Saturday, April 25, 2009

Farmer's Market

I decided to visit the city market this morning and open the store a bit late. It was a good morning in spite of the iffy weather. Crowds were out and there was lots of yummy stuff to be had. Shatto milk makes cheese curds!!!!!! I love cheese curds. They aren't in the stores yet, but I got some at the market. Very very good.

Got some sheep milk cheese from Green Dirt Farms and of course honey from Bob & Liz. If you've never had their honey you are missing out. I never thought there was a difference in honey until I tried theirs.

The fruits and veggies are starting to look good. I didn't get there early enough for Asparagus - but I will next week.

Another cool thing is that the market managers have recycled all of their old banners into shopping totes! They look great and it's a great use for something that might have been trash otherwise. At $10 they're a good price too.

I love the city market. I may make it a habit to open at 12:30 on Saturday's so I can get down there and get my market fix.

Guy in the picture is Orlando. He plays the pan flute in a way that I can actually stand to listen to it! No small feat.


Sylvia C. said...

I will have to try that honey!

I love the market, too!


Sylvia C.

m.v. said...

I actually stop by to listen to this guy every time I am there. I used to go every Saturday before work, even if I didn't need anything

Realist said...

Thanks for the tip on the cheese curds. We buy them whenever we go up to visit my dad in the Yoop, but I had no idea they were available locally. My Canadian friend will be happy to hear this - he loves to make poutine and cheese curds are one of the primary ingredients.