Monday, April 20, 2009


Yesterday we got Fergie to walk on a leash without flipping out.   Saved me from having surgery.  :-) I thought she was going to pull my arm out of the socket yesterday.  Tommy worked with her and go her to calm down and accept that the leash wasn't going to hurt her.  She's had big changes, so even little things are big to her right now.  It's not like she's never been on a leash before, but she had to get comfortable with us first I guess.

The biggest thing we're working on is food invasiveness.  She's not food aggressive by any means, but she does like to get CLOSE to your food while you're eating it.  I prefer my food without dog slobber, so we're working on getting her to stay a reasonable distance away unless invited to come and share.  The second biggest thing is to not stand up and put paws on people unless invited.  It's cool for her to do that with Tommy or another big person, but I don't want her to do it to everyone.  Some people get freaked out by big dogs when they do that.  She's sweet and loving, so we're trying to gently retrain her about this.  She's just sharing love, but not everyone is going to be comfortable with it.  Using the word hugs,so that when she's told to give hugs she'll know it's ok and hopefully she wont' do it other times.

For the most part she's doing well.  She's adjusted to the new foods well and is a lot less burpy.  I think I only heard her burp once yesterday.  The other dogs are taking well to the food too.  A little expensive, but worth it since they don't pig out on it and it seems to last longer.

That's the progress so far.

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