Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I finally have some bags ready

A few posts back I mentioned a project I am working on.   In case your scroll wheel is broken, here's the basic run down.  I need people to save me plastic bags and lots of other things.  Then I turn the stuff in to 'yarn' and crochet/knit it into something new.  Because my materials are pretty much free I am going to donate 50% of the sales to Cancer Action.  Cool group, click the link to check them out.  Here are some pictures of the items I currently have for sale. 

Large project tote made from generic red/white thank you bags.

market tote made from generic red&white thank you bags with a few wal-mart bags, price chopper bags, quick trip bags & you can see the green and yellow of some sun fresh bags.

market tote made from price chopper bags and plastic table cloths

market bag made from plastic table cloths

This little black evening purse is made from an old VHS tape of Breakfast at Tiffany's. I lined it with a black microfiber fabric.

This coin purse is made from old happy birthday balloons. 4 of them I think

Coffee sleeve made from 1 large Valentine frog balloon

Things I can recycle

plastic bags - not just shopping ones. ALL plastic bags, bread bags, the bags you get frozen burritos in, newspaper bags....and so on.

plastic that's not a bag but can be cut into strips.  The plastic wrapping around 6 & 12 packs of Ramen works pretty well.  Old drops cloths without too much paint on them.  Old table cloths

Plastic that's already in strip form.  Caution tape and things like that.

vinyl pool floats and inflatable pools.  These things always pop or get rips.  I don't mind cleaning them up a bit - but DO NOT BRING ME ANY THAT HAVE SLUGS ON THEM.  I have issues with slugs.  And spiders.  I have issues with spiders too.  

Pet food bags that are laminated on both the inside and outside.

Of course old mylar balloons.

video and cassette tapes.  8 tracks too I guess.

Rather than throw the stuff out, drop it off at the shop and I'll put it to good use.  

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Hyperblogal said...

Cool. You'd never know what these are made from.