Friday, April 10, 2009

family ties

the world is sometimes a small place

I knew Spyder from online - twitter etc. and it wasn't until AFTER she led me to Fergie (who will join our family this weekend if everything goes ok) that I found out our dogs are related.

I'll make a fancier version of this chart for my shop when I have time and after I've collected pictures of the dogs involved.


Logtar said...

I could do a similar with the friends I have and the friends I have found to have in common with my blogger pals, but now that there is a doggie tree it somehow feels wrong.

Spyder said...

Too cool! No peeing on this tree! LOL!

Spyder said...

Yea! I just thought of something. Xander will be older than his aunt or uncle. Do you want a male or a female?