Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feeding my dogs

I just got back from Sunfresh in Westport. They have some good looking kidney's and hearts. I used to buy cheap cuts of meat for Zelda. She had so many allergies and there were a lot of dog foods she couldn't tolerate. Of course those were the kind she loved. Just like a kid. She would have eaten junk food 24/7.

The dog food I preferred is Solid Gold It's kinda expensive, but she ate less of it, so it worked out ok. You can find a good review of all sorts of dog foods at http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/ With Fergie I'll probably treat her like she has the same allergies and feed her human food / solid gold. Terry the breeder has this on his website. http://www.thevikingsworld.com/danes/health.html Of course if Fergie has her father's starch sensitivity I may have to stick to only human food. Solid gold does have potatoes in it.

Remember the days when you just gave a dog Alpo. :-)

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