Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gonna need some chew things

Got Fergie and Puppy some frisbees to play with.  Fergie chewed the up.  She doesn't chew on things that aren't hers and we gave them to her - so they were fair game.  She's a good dog and doesn't chew on our stuff, but she obviously wants to chew.  I'll get her some chew things this week. Things a bit sturdier than a plastic frisbee.  

Before the frisbees got eaten they were not much success.  Both dogs raced after them and then gave us funny looks before racing back without the frisbee.  Stinky is smaller than the frisbee, so he didn't ge to play.  It's a litterbox week for him anyway.  he doesn't like the mud and it's muddy outside, so he wont' go.  He will use the cats' litterbox, so that's what he does when it's icky outside.  I don't want to imagine the horror if the big dogs tried to use the litterbox!  They don't mind the mud - although I wish I had a better way to clean feet off before coming back inside.

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