Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Been there, wanted to do that...but

A woman was arrested for pulling over and making her kids ages 10 & 12 get out of the car, then driving off and leaving them. 

so many parents are horrified that she was arrested.  After all, we've all wanted to do it.  I've pulled t he car over more than once.  Not to toss them out, but refusing to drive one inch further until they quit bickering.  Maybe what she did wouldn't have been so bad IF

1.  they were not 3 miles from home - long walk in the dark .  And from the video I saw of the area it's not a place for children to be wandering alone.  It's not crime central, but it was heavily trafficked, but the kind of traffic where you don't pay attention to anyone else.  Someone could have snatched those kids.

2.  they were together.  The older daughter ran after the car and was allowed back in.  The 10 year old was left on her own - watching her mom drive away with her sister.   

3.  She didn't have the nerve to go home and report the 10 year old as missing.  WTF?!?!??!  She knew exactly where that child was left.  Not missing.  ABANDONED.

So many people say that her arrest is too harsh.  I say it was justified.  I have 4 kids.  I know what riding in the car with them is like.  I know how hard it is when they just won't shut up.  I also would not put them in danger like that.  The mom was probably stressed and a victim of abuse, had a bad day...whatever the bullshit reason is.   I think she is a selfish, thoughtless bitch who deserves the punishment she will hopefully get.

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