Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two things

Two things I wish. Well, two of many things I wish, but these are related.

1. I wish that new construction permits would be put on hold until it has been proven that new is better than rebuilding existing construction in the city.

2. I wish that it was easier to take abandoned houses away from the people who abandoned them and put them up for sale at a low price.

I see so many houses in this city that just sit vacant or worse vandalized. Why are the owners allowed to just leave them there to rot? Why do people use resources to build new buildings when so many of these could be reused? Reuse them and you serve more than one purpose. You don't waste more resources of course, but you also help to rebuild our neighborhoods. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle can apply to the construction and housing industries too.

Blog post on abandoned houses
from Toellner Tells It


May said...

I very heartily agree! All the empty buildings around here is sad.

Beautiful Mess said...

Is it bad that I'm a little jealous of that woman? That takes some major balls to do what she did! I agree though, sometimes we just need to play and not be worked to the bone! I hope you are able to do that this weekend!