Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hair cut

Bessie called yesterday and she wanted to know if her friend's grandmother could cut her hair. I said no. She could trim a couple of inches off, but no more than that. I know Bessie wants her hair cut because all of her friends have shorter hair now, but mommy isn't ready for her to take that next step. She wants to do it because SHE wants to do it, not to copy her friends I will say ok. My baby is getting older and is heading towards that stage where friends are all important. We've already left Barbie behind and soon she'll leave mommy behind too. Just for awhile. I've been through this before. They come back emotionally just before they are ready to leave physically.

There will be other things that Bessie wants to try and I hope she has the sense of self to know when it's time to say no to her friends. It's a hard thing to do. And it's hard for me to be there to help out during this time. I'll try, but she'll put up a front of not wanting my advice. Support and rules are what I have, she won't want the first and won't like the second. Oh well, no need to borrow trouble yet. She's still my baby for the most part. I'll enjoy that while I can. Soon enough will come time to worry.

and to beat the boys off with a large stick. That's another scary part that's coming. Dating.

I met M.V. and his daughter the other day. She's a beautiful girl and he's going to need a very big stick and maybe some bear traps here in a year or two. She was also very sweet and happy to spend time with her dad, so he's not in the danger zone yet. It got me to thinking though. She's only a couple of years older than my youngest and 2 years can make a huge difference. I'm trying and failing to picture Bessie as a middle schooler. Probably failing because I don't want think of that.

Of course my other daughter is now 20. I've been through all of this, so I should be better prepared. Should be, not am.

And it made me sad the first time she got a grown up hair cut too. Part of me like the chop job she gave herself at 5 more.

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m.v. said...

it must be a mother thing with the haircuts. it was nice meeting you too, I meant to do it for a long time