Saturday, September 6, 2008

Art Fair

The Westport Art Fair is in full swing and there is some cool stuff to see. I wish there were more cool artists though. Too many of them were unfriendly jerks and at least two of them lost a sale because they wouldn't acknowledge my presence in their booth. I guess I looked poor yesterday. Of course I am poor, but they had no way of knowing this. The color lady on the end of Pennsylvania - she got a sale. Her stuff is very cool, she is very nice and (this is important) SHE DOES NOT CHARGE TOO FREAKING MUCH FOR SOMETHING THAT ISN'T EVEN ALL THAT ATTRACTIVE. Seriously folks $500 for stuff glued to a canvas????? yeah - I understand why a lot of artists starve. No common sense.

Dan made the cool dress in this post. He worked on it for 6 hours. You can always tell when Dan makes the dress because of two key points.

1. The bubbles are all even. (I'm a bit more haphazard)
2. It's full length. I get bored and always end up making 'hooker' clothes that are mini skirts with crop tops. Dan has the patience to finish the dress and do a good job.

Stop buy the art fair this weekend and see it in person!

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