Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm heartless

I have watched the coverage of hurricane Gustov and I am heartless. I don't care about New Orleans and don't want to hear another word about it. I want to hear about Mississippi. Once upon a time we lived in Moss Point Mississippi. A quiet little town near Pascagoula. The house we lived in doesn't exit anymore. The street we lived on doesn't exist anymore, so much of what I knew and loved doesn't exist anymore. We didn't live there during Katrina, we had been gone for years, but I still feel the loss on a personal level. I loved that place and it pisses me off that people focused so much on New Orleans. yes, that was bad - BUT SO WAS EVERYTHING ELSE!! I look at Gustov and it covers the state of Mississippi, some of the worst going over my tiny little Moss Point. Yet all you see in the news is New Orleans this, New Orleans that. There are people in other areas NOT named New Orleans who have yet to rebuild, who can not put their lives together again from Katrina. new Orleans does not = hurricane Katrina. There is more to the story and the funds should be spread a bit more evenly out.

This time don't forget Mississippi, don't forget Alabama, don't forget Florida's panhandle or the parts of Louisiana that are not New Orleans. This time let's remember everyone and try to make sure that everyone gets help.

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