Wednesday, September 24, 2008

People in my neighborhood

Not the one around my house, but the neighborhood where I work. Westport has an interesting dynamic.

In the early morning there are the homeless, roused from sleep by the cold, heat or sun , they go out on a search for food and cigarettes. I see them looking through trash and grabbing butts off the ground. It makes me sad and I always wonder what happened in their lives to put them where they are now.

The delivery drivers start early in the morning too. I hate delivery drivers and their big trucks. Westport roads are narrow and the drivers pretty much think they own them. they will stop in the middle of the street to unload. No pulling over or trying to find a place where they won't block traffic. It's worst on Pennsylvania. Did I mention that I hate them?

As the morning wears on the restaurant workers and janitor people come in. Generally people are pigs, so there's always a lot of crap to pick up. You start seeing the day shift of the Westport patrol around this time too. If you're lucky you'll see Officer Cutie (there are actually several good looking men in the Westport patrol). Eventually the shop owners come in. Most things here open 11 or 12 Wed.- Sun. Californos is an exception. It's open 10 - ? Mon. - Sat. Michael is the first one in at Californo's. Lucky man is almost 30, but looks 18 (barely 18) he may not appreciate it now, but when he's 60 and looks 40 he will.

Sometimes in the morning you will see the gypsy too. The gypsy is a very masculine looking man who wanders around in a black skirt thing. He usually has a long head dress on too. I've never quite figured out how he manages to remain masculine looking in a skirt, but he pulls it off.

Lunchtime brings the busy people who work in offices around here and the annoying "too much time on their hands" women. The workers are in a rush and kinda rude, the women are loud and kinda rude. No parking to be had from 11:30 until about 1pm.

Afternoons move slowly on weekdays. A few shoppers and people just out for fun. It's a relaxed happy atmosphere.

Evenings will bring another rush to Californo's and one to Murray's as well. Sage & Daisy get most of their weekday customers after 5pm. I guess everyone's just getting off work. Evening is also when the street performers start showing up. Nancy seems to have moved from the Plaza to Westport and vies with Randall for the spot by Kelly's. On weekends the hot dog carts start running in the evenings.

Nighttime is when the bar crowd comes out to play. They are not usually too bad until you get close to closing time. I'm gone by then, so they don't bother me.

Other people.

Old man who walks down 39th preaching. He will be silent and then suddenly yell (in an angry voice) God Loves You!! or "Jesus died for your sins! Praise him!!"

Art student with the stacked bike - fun to watch. I don't know how he gets on the thing.

Various pierced people. Some interesting body art out this way.

And I can't forget the people with their dogs. Unlike other areas in the city I have never seen someone bring a dog out that should not be in public. Can't say the same about the Plaza, Zona Rosa or the City Market. People in Westport seem to have more sense when it comes to their dogs.

Those are the people in my neighborhood. The people that I meet when I'm walking down the street - darn, can't remember how that actually goes. Think Sesame street and sing it for me.


kenneth said...

Does the fella in the van with "robdog" still perform in westport (beg)?

Stacey K said...

Haven't seen him, but I'm not out much at night. I'll ask Dan, he does the bar scene and nigh scene.